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Landscapes Designed With the Client in Mind
Welcome to Phil Cheney's world of Landscape Design on Cape Cod!

Phil Cheney is an experienced Landscape Designer for homes and businesses, integrating driveways, decks, patios, walkways as well as plantings. My practice is distinguished by my determination to probe and listen in order to understand my clients unique tastes and needs, enabling each one to identify and accomplish their goals for their property.

My training includes a B.S. in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University and study under internationally known designers John Brookes and James van Sweden. These have provided me with a unique understanding of design theory and the ability to create accurate plans from which qualified contractors can work with confidence.

I prefer to design for the long-term rather than design quick fixes but the individual needs of each client and property are what is most important.

If you are looking for help in transforming your piece of Cape Cod into a complete expression of your personality and lifestyle,

I'd like to help.
Over the past 24 years I've helped over 2500 home and business owners get the most out of their property.

Please look at some of my drawing samples and photos of completed projects.

If you'd like to get started exploring the possibilities for your property, contact me:


phone: 508-394-1373

Enjoy the Cape!

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